2016 Terry Reksten Fund Recipients

Congratulations to the Bamfield Historical Society and Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society. They were awarded $1000 grants from the Terry Reksten Memorial Fund.

The Fund was established fifteen years ago to honour the memory and work of Terry Reksten (1942-2001). An assiduous researcher, she was a champion of community archives. Grant applications are adjudicated by a committee representing the FBCA, the Archives Association of British Columbia, and the Reksten family. To date, the Fund has provided financial assistance to nearly twenty local and community archives.

This year we received a record number of applications, partly because we advertised the grants and encouraged potential applicants via social media. Among a strong field of applicants, the committee was impressed by submissions from Bamfield and Cortes Island.

The Bamfield Historical Society (BHS) manages the Bamfield Community Museum and Archives [BCMA]. The Society intends to use its grant to purchase standard-size, acid-free archival containers to preserve documents and other records that are currently stored in cardboard boxes of varying dimensions. As the BHS noted in its submission, “By having archival storage boxes of consistent sizes, we will be better able to organize, ensure the safety of, and provide access to items [in the BCMA collection.]”

Cortes Island Museum and Archives Society (CIMAS) will use its grant to digitize oral history recordings and create a series of radio spots. Their project entails transferring data from fragile audio cassette tapes to stable digital formats. Working with Cortes Community Radio (CKTZ), the CIMAS will then produce a series of two-minute Cortes History Moments, which will be presented as radio broadcasts and posted to the CKTZ website. As the applicants noted, this project will not only ensure the long-term preservation of voices and stories recorded in the oral history collection; it will also “give them an audience.”

Recipients of grants from the Fund are asked to notify the FBCA when their projects are completed and provide a brief report for our newsletter and website. We look forward to reporting on the successful completion of these commendable projects.


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