Upcoming Events

All events take place in the Newcombe Conference Hall at the Royal BC Museum and start at 2:00pm. 
Admission is free for FBCA members, $5 for non-members


September 16th

Paper Matters: Conserving and Exhibiting 19th Century Photo Albums

Guest Speaker: Lauren Buttle

Lauren Buttle, the Royal BC Museum’s Paper Conservator, will be discussing some of the historical background and conservation work leading up to the Royal BC Museum’s upcoming exhibit Small Piece of Glass: Photographs by Frederick Dally, 1866–1870. Dally was a talented, UK-born photographer who moved to Victoria during the height of the Gold Rush. This exhibit will examine the historical importance of this artist’s short, though prolific career in early Canadian photography.

Lauren will discuss the conservation considerations and behind-the-scenes preparations for such a display. She will also provide advice on caring for your own historical records and photo albums.

October 21st: Michael Kluckner & Annual General Meeting

Michael Kluckner, the well-known heritage activist, artist and writer, will be speaking about his new book, a graphic biography of Julia W. Henshaw, a writer-botanist-war hero of a century ago. Michael is president of the Vancouver Historical Society and chair of the City of Vancouver Heritage Commission. He will be describing his research into his new book, Julia, and how archival records have informed his previous books, including Vanishing British Columbia, Victoria The Way It Was, and Paving Paradise: Is British Columbia Losing Its Heritage? More information: http://www.michaelkluckner.com/julia.html

November 18th: Cliff Caprani

Award-winning film maker Cliff Caprani will be describing the archival research behind his documentary on Sidney Rich, a BC resident who volunteered to serve in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in WWI and who lost his life in a battle known ironically as Sanctuary Wood. Cliff will describe the steps he took in researching the life and times of Sidney Rich and how his subject exemplified the war effort in BC. Cliff will show and narrate his documentary film at our meeting which will be held a week after Remembrance Day and a century after the Armistice of 1918. More information: https://sidneyrich.ca/podcasts/

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