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January 20th, 2019

Wenner-Grenland: The Beginnings of a BC Megaproject, 1956-61

Guest Speaker: Frank Leonard

In November 1956, Swedish financier Axel Wenner-Gren and the BC provincial government signed a preliminary agreement that called for the massive development of some 103,200 km2 in northeastern British Columbia. Dams, mines, pulp mills, and even a monorail would be constructed in an almost colonial enclave that a local reporter coined as “Wenner-Grenland” (after Alice in Wonderland). But after five years and little progress, the government nationalized part of the Wenner-Gren concern.

The difficulty in following the development and demise of Wenner-Gren’s plan stems in large part from limited archival sources. This presentation will explore the activities of Wenner-Gren and draw on some Swedish records of the suite of companies that the financier created to carry out the project.

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